The way to weight loss by realizing your body mass

realizing body mass

Many people dream of losing weight. Some do it; others do not. Primarily, those who fail in this field give up. Then they begin to lose weight again. This cycle accompanies them again and again.

This alternation occurs when a person cannot achieve serious results. He thinks it is foolish to suffer so much for the sake of lost five kilos. However, those who were able to achieve impressive intermediate results, continue to go further. That is, you just need to wait for a noticeable result.

It is easy to say, but how to achieve these results?

In the first place, you need to start from your head, and not from the stomach. To begin with, you need to admit to yourself that you have excess weight and this weight gradually increases.

This is the most difficult, since many overweight people do not realize their real body weight. Some people think that they will be able to lose weight at any moment. They do not notice that their figure is already changed.

If you have clearly decided to lose weight, convince yourself of the presence of extra pounds. Many acquaintances can advise to accept yourself as you are, but it is better to hate yourself to start doing something.

How to do it?

Many of us have such photos, where we look bad. Usually we do not print such photos, but in vain. It is even better to hang them on the most prominent place. The most important thing is to see them every day. The second thing to do is to take pictures in underwear in three angles. These pictures should also be hung on the wall.

You must see your shortcomings every day. Only healthy anger will lead you to victory.

Fighting being overweight is a war in which there are too many losers. Do not be like them; do not replenish the number of losers. Photos in three angles will help you to evaluate your results, when you will make the same pictures after a month of stubborn struggle against excess weight.

before after

The main goal is to realize the degree of your excess weight. If you do not represent your further life in this body, then act.

The next psychological aspect of accepting yourself in your current weight is body mass itself.

Stand on the scales; do not be afraid of this! Stand on the scales now, do not wait until you lose a few extra pounds. Keep in mind your body weight or better write it down.

One of the most powerful incentives for losing weight is open access to information about your weight. Scales should not scare you. When you start to act, they will become your best motivator, delighting you with a good minus every day.
Speaking about losing weight, it is worth noting such an important thing as motivation. It is not so easy to find the right motivation. It should be permanent, rather than short-term.

A short-term motivation can be, for example, a wedding or graduation party. Short-term goals are a good impetus to weight reduction, but the result from them is also short. The goal can be any; the main thing is that it motivates you. It can also be written down and hung on the wall.

on scale

A powerful motivator can be the results of girls who have achieved amazing results, being much fatter than you are. Think well what you want, why you need to lose weight. You can even make a whole list of wishes related to weight loss. You can include a lot of things here. For example, the desire to see on the scales a certain figure, to be the pride of your husband, health, the ability to buy any clothes you like. Mark the most cherished desires in the list that can be fulfilled if you lose weight. Think carefully each item; do not miss even little things. All necessarily will turn out

There is safety in numbers

like-minded people

These words we have heard since childhood. Use the meaning of this saying in your weight loss. Look for like-minded people. Nowadays, when all people practically live on the net, it is not so difficult. Join the internet marathon for weight loss. You can even create a similar marathon by yourself, for example, in social networks. Such marathons are often found on sites for young mothers, as well as on specialized weight loss portals.

Ways and methods of weight loss have no significance at the initial stage. Prove yourself that you really need it. You will necessarily succeed; you just must have a strong desire to lose weight.