Want to lose weight? forget about dieting!


If you can not lose weight in any way, try to take a break and forget about the weight loss diet for a while. It seems strange, but this method does help lose more weight and not gain them back in the future.

Quite recently, an interesting study appeared, which will help some people in their tough fight against obesity.

The new approach lies in the fact that now you do not need to observe a diet on a regular basis. Instead, you can alternate a two-week diet with a normal eating regime. Most importantly, this scheme works better than the one, which makes you persistently reduce the number of calories a few months in a row.

The principle of such mechanism operation is quite simple. When you start reducing the amount of food consumed, or simply put, to starve, you fall into a trap that works in two stages:

  1. To lose weight, you have to eat less,
  2. When you eat less, your body reacts through increasing appetite and burning fewer calories during rest and sleep.

It is a natural body reaction when it defends itself, thinking that hard times have come. The body estimates the amount of energy consumed and, accordingly, starts to spend less of it, trying to maintain the necessary balance.

However, this does not mean that you will not be able to lose weight ever. All you need to do is to understand how your body works. By pressing the pause, you cancel the defensive reaction of the body.


The study was held in Australia, where a group of people were asked to adhere to a different eating regime:

  • Participants in the first group was on a diet and reduced the number of calories by one third for 16 weeks.
  • Participants in the second group did the same for two weeks, then were eating as they usually do for 2 weeks, and then again started to diet.

As a result, participants who took a break in the diet, lost 50% more weight than those, who cut calories all the time. After a lapse of 6 months, both groups gained weight, yet the people from the second weighed 8 kg less.


What happened? Breaks in the diet can deceive our body, convincing it that you do not starve at all and there is no need to save energy and store up fat.

If you want to try such nutrition scheme, estimate how many calories you need to consume to maintain a stable body weight.

  1. Cut this amount by 1/3 and stick to this caloric value for 2 weeks.
  2. As 2 weeks pass, have a rest, bringing the number of calories to the usual level (just reduce about 100 calories to take into account the weight that you already lost).
  3. And again, start observing the diet.


When you take a break in dieting, do not snap at food. Just eat as you normally would eat.

You will need to observe namely the two-week interval, since other periods of alternation of diet and normal nutrition do not work. If you think that you can overeat one day, and eat nothing in another day, you are mistaken.