Signs that you have an unhealthy relationship with food

unhealthy relationship with food

Enjoy a snack on the run or rush to the gym after each potato wedge consumed? Choose only low-fat products, and consider yourself an adept of a healthy lifestyle? Perhaps, you will take a new look at yourself after reading this article.

If you consider yourself a supporter of a healthy diet, carefully watch what you eat, and try not to miss fitness classes, it’s too early to applause to yourself. Perhaps, it’s high time to sound the alarm and give a sober evaluation to your habits.

Many eating disorders develop in people, who only want to control their weight. Banal desire can turn into a real mania, which is much harder to fight. We present you three types of people who suffer from food disorders. If you have noticed any similarities, it’s time to get on with eliminating them.


This type of people is constantly in a state of internal struggle with themselves. Each piece of cake or a fatty meal is considered a failure, for which you must be punished. It is usually carried out in the gym or takes the form of complete rejection of food.

The “executioner” believes that he balances calories he consumed the night before, and alternates zealous gluttony with starvation or exhausting workouts. In fact, the body of such person is experiencing constant stress, and its weight will never reach the desired mark. Sometimes, this results in even deeper psychological problems:

  • lack of self-esteem,
  • constant condemnation for each eaten portion of the “wrong” food.

girl run

Self-esteem, reduced to a critical point, and constant depression – that’s what the “executioner” gets in the end, instead of the coveted slenderness. Are you sure you need this?

What to do?

  1. To begin with, as banal as it may sound, you need to start loving yourself and your body.Enough of endlessly mocking it already!
  1. Make a meal plan and a schedule of workouts.
  1. In times of failing to fight the bout of gluttony, try to replace fatty foods with useful ones and always be conscious of the service you render yourself by doing so.

*Remember! Self-love is the key to everything.


These people often like to snack on the go. They can be seen chewing near the fridge, on the way to the subway, or even in the office at the computer. They simply buy fast food and have it while rushing somewhere, but you never see them dining at the table.

They love to cook for someone, but never for themselves. The standard phrase: “I’ll catch something on the road”. Do you recognize the description? Please meet the “bird”.

snack on the go

“Birds” always mentally lose weight, so a meal for them is a subconscious calories gain. And the “light snack” (which can be much more unhealthy and high in calories) is a means to slightly dull the edge of hunger, which allegedly does not harm the figure. In fact, such tactics will never let “birds” lose weight.

After a full day of snacking, they never know how much food they actually ate. And they never have time to think about the amount of nutrients and calories. Let alone the pleasure that these people will never get from a delicious family dinner, a calm lunch or breakfast.

What to do?

  1. If the symptoms seem suspiciously familiar to you, try to give up “quick meals”.
  2. Have small meals and savor every bite – and always sitting at a table!

*Learn how to enjoy healthy, wholesome food, and the meal process itself, as well.

"STAR OF THE 70’s"

A large number of people still live in the past century, somewhere around the 70’s. They buy low-fat products, unsuccessfully searching through the labels for such inscriptions, as “0 calories”, without paying any attention to artificial sweeteners or sodium in their composition.

The most important thing for this kind of eaters is the desire to consume foods with a minimum amount of fat. On the surface, these individuals may be thin, even skinny, yet their bodies are in a much more deplorable condition, than the exterior.

Girl in market

Without even knowing it, they deprive themselves of such necessary things as healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, which, if eaten in moderation, do not harm the figure, and health is bound to thank them for these substances.

What to do?

  1. Put aside the shopping campaign for low-fat yogurt and have a breakfast that includes porridge. For lunch, give preference to products with a high content of protein and vegetables.
  2. If you season vegetables with a whole spoon of olive oil, it will only benefit your body and won’t spoil your figure.