Pumpkin diet – orange revolution in losing weight!


Pumpkin weight loss diet is a real finding for the fans of the bright, fragrant and useful cucurbits crop. In China, they believe that pumpkin pulp and seeds are the best cure for depression. In Spain and Italy, they consume even flowers of this plant well-known since ancient times. Many owners of gardens grow different varieties of pumpkin in the first place because of the beauty of their lively fruits. 

And, although the pumpkin is round and pot-bellied, it can be very beneficial in the acquisition of a slender body.

Just 100 grams of pulp of a beautiful and delicious pumpkin will provide you with:

one-third of the daily requirement for iron
15% of the required vitamin E
70% of the daily requirement of vitamin

It has only 23 calories. This allows people that stick to the pumpkin diet losing weight by an average of 500 grams per day.

Duration: 12 days

Features: raw or boiled pumpkin pulp – the basic component of all meals;

Cost: Medium;

Result: minus 6 kg;

Recommended frequency: no more than once a year;

Additional effect: improved digestion and skin and hair condition;

Not suitable: in the presence of any chronic diseases, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  • Diet of the modern city dweller is poor in fiber!

Snacking on the go, we often grab “empty” calories from sweets, pastries and fast food, not covering even the minimum daily needs of the body in 20-35 grams of pure plant fibers.

The plant, which can become a true salvation, is easy to spot – most pumpkin varieties not only have a respectable size, but also bright pulp color. Pumpkin got it through the pigment beta-carotene, which is a powerful natural antioxidant and immune stimulant.

Snacking on the go

Beta-carotene is also called pro-vitamin A. This essential for vision and health of body tissues fat-soluble substance is synthesized by the body from beta-carotene. Pumpkin has even more beta-carotene than carrots (about 5 times more), and this element is the first assistant of large cities residents in the fight against the consequences of bad ecology, stress and smoking.

“100 g pumpkin contains about 7 grams of plant fibers, including insoluble fiber and useful pectin. Due to this, the orange pulp:”

provides a blissful feeling of satiety for a long time,
normalizes the gastrointestinal tract functioning,
slows the digestion of carbohydrates and fats.

Considering the low caloric value of pumpkin (only 23 kcal per 100 g pulp), the answer to the question about the pumpkin diet seems to be obvious – it is worth trying!


Pumpkin diet for 12 days consists of three repeated 4-day cycles. Accordingly, after the fourth day of the diet ends, you should repeat the menu starting with the first day. The effect is achieved due to the low caloric intake of the diet, which is endured relatively easy due to the high fiber content of the main product in the pumpkin diet.

Dishes from pumpkin allow to feel satiety for a long time and regulate digestion

Pumpkin seeds are a logical and valuable addition to the pumpkin weight loss diet! Pumpkin seeds are known in folk medicine due to their anthelmintic properties, and science has proven their positive role in cancer prevention.

But the benefits of these greenish seeds do not end here. They contain a lot of:

  • calcium,
  • zinc,
  • selenium,
  • niacin,
  • linoleic acid.

The latter strengthens the artery walls. However, if you are trying to lose weight fast with the pumpkin diet, add pumpkin seeds to the menu giving a careful consideration of their high caloric content (550 kcal per 100 g).

  • The servings size on pumpkin diet is not limited. You can eat as much permitted food, as you want.
  • You should eat three meals a day.
  • Snacking is prohibited.
  • You are allowed to drink simple non-carbonated water (at least 1.5 liters).
  • You can drink green tea without additives (3-4 cups per day).

*Reviews report that 12-day pumpkin diet can help you get rid of an average of 6 extra kilos.

Day 1 on Pumpkin diet:

Breakfast: salad of pumpkin with almonds (can be replaced with pumpkin seeds) and/or pumpkin porridge with brown rice cooked on skim milk or water

Lunch: Pumpkin soup

Dinner: stewed pumpkin with cinnamon or other spices

Day 2 on Pumpkin diet:

Breakfast: salad of pumpkin with almonds and/or pumpkin porridge with brown rice cooked on skim milk or water

Lunch: soup of fresh vegetables on vegetable broth, pumpkin burgers (with oatmeal and egg white)

Dinner: apples (choose fresh or baked)

Day 3 on Pumpkin diet:

Breakfast: salad of pumpkin with almonds and/or pumpkin porridge with brown rice cooked on skim milk or water

Lunch: vegetable soup with turkey meatballs

Dinner: salad of pumpkin and pineapple

Day 4 on Pumpkin diet:

Breakfast: Breakfast: salad of pumpkin with almonds and/or pumpkin porridge with brown rice cooked on skim milk or water

Lunch: vegetable soup or soup of meat, baked or grilled vegetables

Dinner: stewed pumpkin ragout with any vegetables (except potatoes).

Pumpkin diet: recipes

1. Pumpkin salad with nuts

Clear 100 g of crude pumpkin out of seeds and peel. Chop or cut into strips with a peeler. Add 2 tsp. of finely chopped almonds. Season with a little honey, olive oil or plain yogurt (optional).

Pumpkin salad with nuts

2. Pumpkin porridge with brown rice

Clean 500 g of pumpkin, cut into cubes. Place in 1 liter of water and cook until soft. Add 7 tablespoons of pre-soaked unrefined (brown) rice. Cook until rice ready, pour in a glass of low-fat milk and, stirring constantly, cook for about 5 minutes. Let it sit. You can eat it both hot and cold.

Pumpkin porridge with brown rice

3. Pumpkin burgers

To prepare the vegetable patties for the pumpkin weight loss diet, clean a small pumpkin (e.g., butternut squash). Grate the pulp, then stew, let it cool, then add 1 cup of oatmeal, a little salt and two egg-whites. Form patties from this mix and fry them in a small amount of vegetable oil.

Pumpkin burgers


While Cinderella was afraid that her carriage will turn into a pumpkin, then the 47-year-old Englishwoman Don Chadwick found her salvation in this orange bellied fruit. It became a symbol of a new life. In late 2013, sensational photos appeared on the Internet of a woman, who was sticking to the pumpkin diet and managed to lose… 120 kg!

Don says that she was chubby since infancy. In her 9 months of age she already weighed almost 20 kg. The natural predisposition to overweight aggravated with age through the tendency to overeating.

At the same time, Don was trying to hide her true addiction to food from her own husband Chris. When he was home, she was scarcely eating anything during their meals together. However, once Mr. Chadwick was crossing the threshold of their home, his wife was starting to indiscriminately destroy the contents of the closets.

Mrs. Chadwick

Everything was working well for her: crisps, chocolate, cakes… in one sitting Don could eat a whole chicken and a loaf of bread!

In 2008, the woman has reached a critical weight of 235 kg, which, of course, influenced her health badly. Doctors have suggested bariatric intervention (surgical reduction of the stomach), warning that if Don doesn’t temper her appetite and loses weight, her life may end at any moment.

However, Mrs. Chadwick was so afraid of surgery, she decided to try to fight fire with fire and just change one obsession to another. She decided that the pumpkin diet will save her:

“I always loved pumpkin, and found out that I could eat it all day without any problem. Pumpkin has become my new “forbidden pleasure”. It is low in calories and has almost no fat. I boiled pumpkin, roasted pumpkin, baked it in a pot, made soup and puree.”

Vegetable salads
Lean meat

As a result, in a little over three years Don managed to get rid of a good half of her “old body”. Now, she confesses that the pumpkin diet helped her feel like a new woman, and she continues to consume pumpkin on a daily basis.

This story has only one problem:

Chris, Don’s husband, is worried that she will lose too much weight. After all, he loved her when she was large, and, in general, he was about everything even without the pumpkin weight loss diet.