Proteins of animal origin and useful sources of vegetable protein

Proteins of animal origin

Without animal protein, which is the building material, our body can not function properly, the nutritionists claim. You get fatigue, malaise and feeling unwell! And these are totally not permissible under the constant bustle, work and stress.

Well, let’s try to figure out what products can replace animal protein, if we want to try complying with vegetarian diet to lose weight, at least for a while.


Champions in protein content are these guys – the legumes. They are the basis of the vegetarians diet, since they contain about 25 percent of vegetable protein. Soy is leading in this group (its chemical composition is even ahead of beef), as well as lentils.

It is interesting to know that the ancient Romans captured more than one land, while eating barley. Some excavations have confirmed that beans and peas were buried in the tombs of the Pharaohs.

Speaking of them… Beans the Queen makes up a part of our cuisine for a long time. Vegetable soups, dumplings, braised and tangled into a paste beans successfully replace meat. The main thing is to remember one trick:


You should first soak the beans for 5 hours, and then drain the water. After all, it contains a special sugar, which is harmful to the body.


Mushrooms are called forest meat, because they are very nutritious in their composition. The content of vegetable protein in mushrooms depends on its type and cooking method. Dried white mushrooms contain the highest amount of protein (16- 23%).

Oyster mushrooms and champignons, which are abundantly present on the shelves of the grocery stores, still are nutritious and low-calorie product and an excellent substitute for animal protein, even though they rank last among protein giants.


! To facilitate the digestion of mushrooms, it is recommend to cut them as small as possible and to boil them.

It is not recommended to eat too much pickled and fried mushrooms. The former contain an impressive amount of vinegar.


Nuts are one of the most popular animal protein substitutes. The protein content in them is, on average, about 17 %.

Campions in nutrient value are the peanuts. That’s why bodybuilders love it so much. In addition, peanuts provide a long-term satiety, yet are very high-calorie (600 kcal). In large amounts, this nut can causes exacerbation of pancreas disease. They are also hard to process by the gastrointestinal tract. Raw peanuts provide the maximum benefit for the body.


Among the most protein-rich nuts are cashews and pistachios.


Though in earlier times it was believed that an unlimited consumption of sunflower seeds causes aggravation of appendicitis, doctors now recommend to use them safely in your diet. Yet, you should be very cautious and not eat too much of these, not more than 50 grams. Their caloric value is quite high and they contain lots of fatty acids. By the way, their protein content is 35%.