Protein Atkins diet


You chose diet Atkins for weight loss or any other system of protein nutrition? Let’s weigh all the pros and cons!


Thanks to the protein diet, excess weight melts just before your eyes.

When you are on a protein diet, you will not feel hungry, because its menu includes quite nutritious foods, like meat, cottage cheese, and chicken.

Such weight loss diet will help you replenish the supply of proteins, which are missing in the nutrition of most people.


Without carbohydrates, your body will not be able to execute several important processes, like warming you up and maintaining brain activity.

Without the necessary amount of fat, some vitamins will not be digested. This list includes valuable vitamin A and no less important vitamin D.

According to recent medical studies, protein reduces the effectiveness of kidneys.

Having carefully studied the above arguments, we can conclude that the protein diet can be a good start for those, who want to lose weight.

However, it is definitely not worth it to keep to such diet forever. It will be better if you switch to a balanced nutrition after this short “protein blast”. And two-thirds of your further weight loss diet should be allocated for whole grains, fresh vegetables and, of course, fruits.