How not to avoid overeating: Broccoli test


“Fighting excess weight” sometimes becomes too difficult, because you want to eat something all the time. And we get angry with our body. But it’s very often not about the body…

The desire to eat something urgently is not always a sign of hunger. It often doesn’t hide physiological needs, but psychological ones, like:

  • lack of pleasure (and not necessarily bodily!),
  • boredom,
  • anxiety,
  • dissatisfaction.

There is a simple test that can help you understand what exactly pushes you to the fridge right now. You do not need to fill in anything, think for a long time or count points. It’s enough to answer honestly to yourself:

“Do I want to eat broccoli?”

Yes, yes, this one, the green colored one. Boiled. Without spices. Or even raw.

Do you want to have it? Means you really are hungry. No, no broccoli for you now? You urgently need milk chocolate with nuts? Or irresistibly want barbeque with a rich sauce?

Well, this is not hunger. These are other needs. And they will not disappear, if you make your desire come to reality. On the contrary, you will get used to eating up all your problems.

With time, all your attempts to deprive yourself of tasty stuff will give raise to a protest in you. Most often, people eat up such protests, as well, which makes them feel guilty… and, a vicious circle begins.

What to do when you irresistibly want to make yourself a sandwich or buy a muffin? No, you don’t need to “fight this desire as much as you can.” You need to listen to yourself and ask yourself:

“What do I really want, what am I trying to replace with food?”

As you realize the problem, solve it. For example, if you understand that right now you do not have enough pleasures in your life, you should think about ways of finding them “not in an edible form.”