How to lose weight after 40

lose weight after 40

Metabolism slows down after 30 years old. If a person does not take into account this fact and continues to eat as usual, he gains an average of 10% of weight, that is, 5-8 kg over the next 10 years. How to cope with such excess weight?

What is on your plate?

It is more difficult to lose weight after 40 than at the age of 20 or 25. Popular diets that are transmitted by word of mouth or found on the Internet stop giving effect at this age. Moreover, they greatly harm health. Therefore, the first thing to do is to forget forever about such diets, as well as other half-starved or unbalanced food systems. Change your menu gradually and herewith, make sure that you get at least 1500 kcal per day.

Switch to low-fat food. Skimmed cottage cheese, low-fat dairy products, lean meat, and fish – so you will be able to reduce your daily calorie intake by 20-25%. Are you used to dress your favorite salads with mayonnaise? This will not bring benefit to your figure. Try to reduce calories of all dishes you are accustomed to eat.

Eat often, 5-6 times a day by small portions at the average 250-350 kcal. Thus, you will not feel hunger and start to lose weight. If you are used to snack crackers, toasts or chocolates, replace them with sandwiches with a slice of lean meat or fish, vegetables and whole wheat bread, or low-fat cottage cheese with fruits. In addition, be sure to put a plate with chopped vegetables in front of your computer.

your plate

Life in motion

We begin to gain weight after 40 because of sedentary lifestyle: from office to home – minimum of steps, at work – minimum of movements. As a result, muscles begin to lose elasticity, and even if we suddenly want to do physical exercises, we will barely cope with them, which did not present any difficulty even five years ago. However, it is necessary to move and train.

What physical loads to choose? Fat burning is on the one hand, safe for knee joints and spine – on the other. Start with walking, biking and roller-skating. If you feel discomfort after them, choose swimming pool. Do you think to enroll in a gym? Avoid barbell and dumbbells and use training apparatus – a risk of being injured is much less. Elliptical trainer is the safest among cardiovascular training equipments. Physical loads on fit ball or hemisphere will also suit you.

Life in motion

Do not forget about warm-up before training: it is very important to warm up mature joints and ligaments before exercising; this reduces the risk of injury. A careful stretching after training helps to restore muscles elasticity and thereby strengthens them.

To be less tired, drink more water – 1-2 glasses before each workout

On a note

At any age, it is important to have a meaningful motive for losing weight. To find it, ask yourself three questions.

Why to endure all these, albeit small, restrictions? The image of a thin “self” should be in front of your eyes, surrounded by the realities of your life. A woman, teacher of junior classes was able to successfully lose weight, only realizing that she needs it to sit comfortably in a chair in a theater, where she often went with her pupils. All our life consists of such details, and they are the best incentives.

How many extra pounds do poison my life? Do not set big goals like this – to weigh 50 kg in height of 170 cm. First, you need to bring your weight to a healthy physiological norm and be able to control it.

When do I need the result? It is very important to designate a specific deadline. For example, “I want to lose 2 kg per month”. Nothing, except for not very distinct motive, can prevent realization of my goal. It is very cool if the incentive is tied to a real date – a wedding, anniversary, meeting with classmates, or trip to the sea.