How Does Adipex Work?

How Does Adipex Work?

Adipex mechanism of action is the same as of other weight loss drugs, containing Phentermine. Adipex tablets stimulate the central nervous system and thereby suppress appetite.

  • Acting on noradrenergic nervous system, Adipex tablets can cause arteriolar narrowing and increase in the blood pressure. Therefore, obese patients, who suffer from hypertension, should monitor the blood pressure levels throughout the entire anti-obesity therapy.
  • Acting on dopaminergic nervous system, Adipex tablets can cause euphoria and mood swings, delaying the gastric emptying (constipation) and expanding the blood vessels in the liver. If these side effects are greatly pronounced, doctor recommends to stop anti-obesity therapy.
How Does Adipex Work?

Strong anorexigenic effect is the main advantage of Adipex. However, this weight loss drug has some disadvantages as well.

The main disadvantage is that Adipex gives you a very strong anorexigenic effect, but for a short time.

In a long-term use of Adipex drug, people develop tolerability to its anorexigenic effect. Thus, 2-3 months after the onset treatment of Adipex, the efficacy of anti-obesity begins to decrease.

Maximal therapeutic effect comes in 1-2 weeks after the beginning of Adipex use. During this period, person can achieve maximum weight loss rate.

In the first few weeks of using Adipex, obese person is able to lose about 10% of his starting weight.

  • Thus after three months of regular intake of Adipex tablets, the body weight can be reduced by 15% of the starting weight.

Three months after a regular application of Adipex, the weight loss therapy must be stopped. Once the anti-obesity therapy is over, patient should undergo medical examination.

Guided by the results of this examination, the doctor can advise to repeat the therapy with Adipex tablets or use just non-medicamental methods to fight obesity.