Everything about the detox


Recently, we hear more and more about detox programs. Hollywood celebrities on their pages in social networks proudly talk about this or that detox course, and place photos with beautiful colorful drinks that help them maintain beauty and health.

Following the trend, we decided to find out more details about what detox is, and provide you with the information we got from a certified nutritionist.

Overall body cleanse

Detoxification programs are necessary for the megacities dwellers to improve immunity and general well-being and achieve high performance.

Detox programs are particularly recommended for those, who:

  • work hard,
  • are under stress,
  • have no time to rest,
  • eat in a chaotic and random manner,
  • have bad habits.

The goal of the body cleansing programs is to help get rid of toxins and waste products, to counteract their accumulation and the formation of intermediate toxic products.

Our body possesses a unique ability to withstand the accumulation of toxins and get rid of them naturally in a timely manner. However, the self-cleaning system of the body fails at some point and toxins accumulate in the cells and intercellular spaces.

Some of the toxins can cause significant harm to health. Their accumulation is the reason not only for the weakness and decline in efficiency, but also for:

  • various diseases,
  • allergic reactions,
  • weakening of the immunity.

And this is where the properly developed detox programs can come to the aid, which help the gradually restore its ability for self-cleansing and normalize the work of all its systems, including the digestive organs.

That is, detox is a kind of spring-clean of the body, due to which:

Health improves

Skin clears up

Immunity rises

*Detoxification programs allow to get a charge of energy, regain lost performance and even partially get rid of excess kilograms.

Unloading or cleanse

Many confuse detox and unloading days. Detoxification is the removal of toxins at the cellular level, which is necessary for people of different physiques, including those who do not have excess weight, who:

  • work a lot,
  • suffer from frequent stresses,
  • have insufficient sleep,
  • keep to improper nutrition, in which the periods of daytime hunger alternate with the evening or night overeating, which is sometimes accompanied with a fair dose of alcohol and nicotine.

An unloading (or fasting) day is a short-term and significant reduction in the caloric value of the usual diet, that is, a micro-stress for the body, which stimulates the use of energy resources from fat stores.

Unloading days are required to add dynamics to the process of weight reduction in people with excess weight or to maintain the result.

To enhance the effect of contrast with the usual nutrition, one or several products are often used for the basis of an unloading day, including:

fasting day

Rice cooked in a special way



However, it should be noted that non-starving unloading days, held on a periodical basis, stimulate the natural processes of the body cleansing, preventing accumulation of excess fatty deposits and, accordingly, toxins in them.

The goal of detox is not to reduce body weight, but, as we already mentioned, get rid of “garbage”. During the detox course, you reduce to zero the intake of harmful substances that lead to oxidative stress, and at the same time consume food that helps to cleanse the body at the cellular level.

What detox to choose

To achieve a maximum effect, preference should be given to detox-courses, in which a professional medical approach is combined with high technologies of preparation. After all, developing a correct detox program, ensuring the consistency and mode of intake of the required and properly processed food components, their combination and correlation, as well as determining the duration of such program is higher mathematics.

Only an experienced physician, who is profoundly familiar with the physiology and biochemistry of the biotransformation processes of toxins in the body, possesses this science. Only with such a responsible approach can you get good results without harming the body.

detox coctail

Rules of the detox

During the preparation for a detox course, it is necessary to exclude from your diet food components that interfere with cleansing and to introduce into your diet detoxifying natural products with a minimal culinary processing. This will help you obtain the required nutrients and a sufficient amount of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

Minimize the consumption of:

  • sugar,
  • salt,
  • white cereals,
  • flour products,
  • refined oils,
  • canned food.

The list of foods that you should refuse includes:

  • carbonated drinks,
  • alcohol,
  • coffee,
  • dairy foods,
  • animal products, except fish and skinless chicken breasts.

It is advisable to gradually add to your diet:

  • raw almonds,
  • beans,
  • chickpeas,
  • lentils,
  • green salads that contain plenty of dietary fiber and beneficial minerals,
  • freshly squeezed juices.

During this period, you need to switch to split meals, consume lots of plain water and herbal tea. Such preparation period should last ten days to a month, which will minimize the negative reaction of the body to the detox.

Contraindications to the detox are:

  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, or pancreas,
  • diabetes,
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • kidney disorders.

*It is not recommended to go through cleansing programs in acute respiratory infections or acute infectious diseases. Be healthy!