Dietary products

Dietary products

Diets, diets, diets… How many of them are now printed in women’s magazines, posted on the Internet, passed from mouth to mouth! And each diet is automatically considered “the only one that can help you once and for all”, which promises “100% weight loss” (what do you mean – it helps you disappear?) or guarantees that “you will never gain back any excess kilos”.

But here’s the weird thing: the number of weight loss diets increases, and the number of overweight people does not decrease… Weird? No, everything is quite natural. After all, what is a slimming diet? It always implies restrictions, sometimes strict, sometimes even cruel.

And our body is fearful and resourceful. You hit it with a diet with prohibitions, and it gives you deposits just in case (you never know what idea will come to your mind next time!). Any diet for weight loss, especially a rigid one, does not reduce fat reserves.

  • Weight loss occurs due to the drainage of excess fluid.
  • The moment the executions stop, the weight returns.

There is only one way out of this vicious circle: you need to change the eating style:

  1. refuse fried foods,
  2. do not to buy semi-finished products and canned food,
  3. avoid fast food in any of its manifestations,
  4. reduce salt intake as much as possible.

These steps should become the very first on your way to slenderness and health. Still, it is not enough to refuse the harmful foods. You need to know what products will help you maintain your positions and even lose weight. Dietary products possess all the qualities that all of us need in the struggle for a beautiful figure, including:

  • have a low caloric content,
  • improve metabolism,
  • reduce cholesterol.

Just please don’t get turn into a lunatic fringe! Forget about such experiments, as, for example, eating just the pineapple, because they contain bromelain, which burns fat. Food should always be varied and balanced. In fact, there are plenty of products that help you lose weight, and you can easily come up with an excellent diet plan.


  • low-calorie,
  • rich in fiber, vitamins and other biologically useful active substances,
  • quickly satisfy hunger,
  • are great at regulating the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


All vegetables are useful, without an exception, yet some of them also possess the fat burning properties. These are:

  • artichokes
  • head salad
  • watercress
  • asparagus
  • dandelion leaves
  • spinach

All of them tonify, remove wate products, and improve the work of the intestines. Other excellent dietary products are:

  • zucchini
  • cucumber
  • pumpkin

You can cook and consume stewed vegetables often, and you can have them with pleasure, and this will bring you only the benefits. Of course, we cannot forget about the queen:


All its types contain a minimum amount of calories and provide the maximum benefit. You can consume cabbage in any form. At that, broccoli is no. 1 cabbage, because it:

  1. does not irritate the stomach,
  2. is much more useful than white cabbage,
  3. contains chromium, which reduces cravings for sweets.

There are vegetables, which make our body spend lots of energy to digest them, which means that these veggies also aid our weight loss. You should consume them constantly, namely:


green bell pepper






  • loaded with vitamins, fruit acids, and natural sugars,
  • citrus fruits contain essential oils and organic acids that promote digestion and detoxification
  • citrus fruits strengthen immunity,
  • help our body get rid of toxins,
  • lower the blood insulin level.


All these allow to reduce your appetite and reduce the desire to constantly snack on something. Two fruits are perfect as a snack:

  • pears
  • apples

These are rich in pectin and quench your appetite fast. Pears and apples will ensure you with a long lasting satiation almost zero calories at the same time! Another fruit, touted as a super-fruit for dietary nutrition, is:

  • pineapple

It contains bromelain, which helps to digest heavy protein foods better. By the way, the highest quantity of bromelain is found in the pineapple core. Pineapple contains many vitamins and minerals, fiber, which makes our intestines work better. All of the above, of course, applies only to fresh pineapple. Canned slices are just a delicious dessert. 

A similar effect is provided by another exotic fruit

  • papaya

It contains many enzymes, including papain, which helps to break down fats and heavy animal proteins. Another fruit, which is rich in enzymes that break down heavy proteins and burn fat, and can be consumed without a second thought is

  • kiwi

Did you ever see how quickly the meat soaked in kiwi puree turns mushy? Well, this is a very vivid example of the effects that kiwi provides!


  • loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids, micro- and macroelements, vitamins and fiber

The following algae species make weight gain simply impossible:



The main thing is to avoid all kinds of supermarket mixes with algae that contain foods, which do not make part of healthy nutrition. You will get zero benefits from them, and their quality can be really low. Just buy sea kale salad without any additives. If you have an opportunity to buy dry kelp, then you will not only be able to make the salad in accordance with your taste preferences, but will also save a lot.


Despite the word "fatty", sea fish is an excellent supplier of

  • easily digestible protein,
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids


These contribute significantly to weight loss. You should give preference to the following sea and lake fish varieties:






lake trout

The best ways to cook fish are steaming, poaching or stewing. Of course, fried fish is delicious, yet it is of little usefulness…


  • contain a lot of easily digestible protein that provides long-lasting satiety.

If you are looking for foods to consume as a light dinner, you will not fail if you choose:

Low-fat cottage cheese

Low-fat “live” yogurt

Whip the cottage cheese with yogurt without additives or with mineral water, add fruit (for sweet option) or greens (for savory option) – and here you have something to smear on yyour toast for breakfast.

As for the cheese (even the most fat-free!), you should be careful, because any cheese always means salt. Salt is the first enemy of slimmers!


The effect of warming spices is based on the fact that they

  • improve metabolic processes in our body.
  • lower the level of insulin in the blood,
  • accelerate the production of energy,
  • literally “melt” the extra calories.


The list of spices that provide a “warming” effect includes:

Hot pepper (cayenne, peperone, chili)

  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • black pepper
  • mustard
  • horseradish
  • chicory

We would like to talk a bit more about the chicory. Use it to replace coffee, and in just a couple of weeks you will notice that the edemas are reduced, the pressure lowers, and you can control your nerves better.

Generously season your dishes with spices, and you will slowly, gradually and imperceptibly lose weight. No wonder that there are not so many overweight people in those countries, where people love spicy food.

Greens, which we habitually use as seasoning and decoration, not only improve the taste, but also contribute to the improvement of overall health and wellbeing.


improves digestion, reduces appetite, has a diuretic and restorative effect.


improves mood, improves sleep, reduces fever and pain.


helps digestion, removes intestinal colic


strengthens blood vessels, relieves edema, improves liver & kidney function, calms nerves.

Green onions

strengthen immunity, normalize blood sugar level, and have a mild diuretic effect.


has a mild diuretic effect, relieves spasms and saturates with vitamins and microelements.


has a diuretic effect, cleans vessels and slows down the aging process.


(undeservedly forgotten and slowly returning to gardens) is rich in ascorbic acid, carotene and trace elements.

Your dishes should not simply contain greens. They should be bursting with rich in greens! To preserve all the valuable vitamins, do your best to consume greens in their uncooked form.


  • fiber in pure form,
  • zero calories,
  • bran is almost not digested, swelling in the intestines and literally forcing it to work.

If you add bran to your porridge, pastry, cottage cheese or evening yogurt, you will not only enrich your dish with fiber, but will also trigger the mechanism of your body cleansing of waste products. Just remember that bran must be steamed, otherwise the effect will be directly the opposite (you can end up with banal constipation).

If you have stomach diseases, you should better refuse the bran, as they irritate the mucous membrane. Instead of bran, you can use chopped sprouted grain. Or you can use whole seeds with sprouts without crushing them – simply add them to your salad or chew with honey and nuts.



  • saturate the body with microelements,
  • actively burn fat.

Many nutritionists recommend drinking at least 4-5 cups of green tea a day. Tea has a mild diuretic effect and cleanses the vessels. It is advisable not to brew herbs with boiling water. Instead, you should insist them in warm water. This will help you preserve more useful substances.

In addition, herbs and herbal infusions will help you cope with low spirits, overcome the cold and relax before going to bed. If you wish, you can find lots of recipes for useful herbal teas and infusions on the Internet!

All these products will help you in your struggle for slenderness and health. Of course, it does not mean that you should exclude meat, eggs, butter for good, unless your plans include the transition to vegetarianism. Do your best to get the leanest meat cuts (veal, mutton, poultry), and cook it by steaming or oven baked in foil (or an oven bag).

In addition to proteins of animal origin, you should also consume vegetable proteins. These are all kinds of legumes, including beans, soy, and peas. The main thing is to keep in mind that beans are quite high in calories, so monitor your portions.


To conclude the article, we would like to remind you of one very important rule for the healthy nutrition:


Do not make your products lose their vitamins, because cooking destroys them almost 100%. Do not deceive yourself and think that after 30-40 minutes of boiling or frying, something useful still remains in your food!

Besides, cooked food contains no enzymes, which are vital for a large number of processes that take place in our body. If you eat only cooked food,

  1. your liver constantly works overtime,
  2. your body does not get enough useful substances,
  3. allergic reactions and many other unpleasant things that few people associate with food can occur.

So, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and generously sprinkle your dishes with greens. If you can’t stand the greens, deceive your receptors and make yourself a green smoothie with bananas and kiwi or savory cottage cheese cream with parsley or chervil.

When it comes to cooking methods, do your best to steam everything. It’s delicious, believe us! And leave that crisp for rare occasions – this will give you an opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights to an even higher extent.

Another trick for those who want to lose weight is not to salt your food while cooking, Better add salt to your own dish, and make it just a little not salty enough. At first, you will find it unusual, yet when your scales indicator slowly, yet surely goes to the left, you will not want to add as much salt to your food, as you used to add before.

This is not a complete list of dietary products. We could have continued it to infinity. But no matter how long this list turns out, it will never contain:

  • mayonnaise,
  • ketchup,
  • sausages,
  • chips.

All these foods are harmful even for healthy people, not to mention those who try to regain lost health, beauty and slenderness. Make your nutrition varied, correct and be healthy!