Diet for abs, hips and buttocks

Diet for abs, hips and buttocks

Diet for slimming thighs and diet for slimming waist can differ, depending on your preferences and the life rhythm. The main rule is to refuse heavy meals in favor of fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

Belly and thighs - problem areas

Fat deposits in the waist and thighs area is one of the most popular reasons, why women go on a diet. Diet for slimming waist, hips and buttocks is relevant to girls and women of all ages. Due to the peculiarities of our nature, fat deposits form in these areas and provoke cellulite.

Fat in thighs

Exercises to slim hips and stomach

It is very difficult to slim hips, stomach and buttocks, and the diet must necessarily be accompanied by physical loads. Diet plan for a slim stomach will be effective only in combination with physical activity:

  • hoop twisting
  • abs exercises
Exercises to slim hips

Diet for slim hips and thighs must be accompanied with body wraps and massages, while as diet for buttocks – with strength loads (squats and leg bends).

Diet for slimming stomach and buttocks prohibits...

What restrictions are characteristic for the diet for slimming thighs, abdomen, and buttocks? Of course, it is impossible to slim your stomach without abandoning simple carbs. Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex, according to the way they are digested by the body.

Complex carbohydrates are broken down slowly and provide the body with the energy needed for an active life. Complex carbohydrates are found in cereals, legumes, corn, and whole meal pasta.

Simple carbohydrates are broken down almost immediately after the ingestion, and form extra centimeters in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, if you are not engaged in active physical activities. Simple carbohydrates are the fast food (which is why it satisfies hunger so quickly), wheat flour bread and bakery products, sugar, sweet fruits, and, by the way, milk.

Diet for a flat stomach and thighs slimming prohibits these products. You can replace milk by fermented dairy products. This will not only make dieting easier, but will also benefit your future abs and buttocks.

One of the reasons why you accumulate fat in the abdomen and thighs, besides high-caloric daily menu, is bowel dysbiosis. Yogurt actively fights this problem, so you should not ignore this product, if you want to lose weight fast.

Diet for reducing thighs and sides: eat right

“Unhealthy diet” doesn’t mean just errors in the daily menu, but also eating regime. The habit to eat with dirty hands or not wash food before eating leads to the fact that your intestines are loaded with gas and inflate. Diet for a flat stomach, supplemented by the regular use of probiotics, will bring results both inside and outside.

Diet for flat stomach and thighs requires you to closely monitor, how and what you eat. If your daily diet contains only healthy and nutritious foods, it is not a guarantor of a flat stomach. Many of us eat on the run, swallow poorly chewed food, and talk while eating. These are wrong and affect your stomach slimming progress in a bad way, because you swallow air, thus visually enlarging waist and abdomen.

eat on the run

Turn the process of eating into a ritual, during which you can not be in a hurry or distracted. You will help yourself not only from the physical point of view, but also psychologically. After all, diet for slimming thighs and sides involves quite stringent food restrictions. If you stretch your lunch for longer time, you help yourself get sated and eliminate hunger.

Diet for flat abs and stomach

If you dream about a flat tummy, you will not achieve it without exercising your abdominal muscles. Getting a flat tummy involves two main aspects:

1. diet for flat abs,
2. abs exercises.

Trained upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles will hold the stomach or intestines, even if you allow yourself to eat too much. Without physical exercise, your belly can sag down even after you eat an apple or cabbage salad, which tend to swell in the stomach due to the high fiber content.

To slim your stomach, do abs workouts every morning, repeating each exercise 16 times for each muscle group:

for the upper abs, lift the core (it is not necessary to rise in full, and you should never “break” the neck)
for the lower abs – bend your knees and press your legs against the chest,
for the oblique abdominal muscles – lift the torso with left elbow tilted to the right knee and vice versa or bring your feet down to the sides.

A month later, regular exercising and diet for slim waist will give noticeable results!