The Most Dangerous And Absurd Modern Weight Loss Methods


Fashion for a certain body structure, weight and proportions comes absolutely the same as the fashion for a particular style of trousers and dresses:

In the Middle Ages, the ideal of feminine beauty was a relatively stout lady – overweight equaled prosperity, meaning that she, literally, does have something to eat.

During the Renaissance, the notion of an ideal woman equaled unhealthy looking pale, thin woman, white lead and corsets came to help fashionistas.

In modern world, the ideal of feminine beauty is defined by the world’s leading fashion designers.

Just a few designers let a woman with size greater than XS walk on the runway. The rest of them demand their models to be thin, if not hunger-bit, and to have bodies close to the anatomical theater.

Every woman wants to be the most beautiful and the most fashionable, subconsciously trying to do so. She buys clothes that she sees in the pages of glossy magazines, gets a fashionable hairstyle, dyes her hair like one way or another popular actress or singer. But this is not where the routine of self-perfection stops. There is just one tiny issue to solve – the issue with the size.

weight loss

We want to get everything at once – that is the nature of every woman. In pursuit of the coveted size zero, they are ready to take the most extreme measures. And here, these very celebrities, without even realizing, help women to start destroying themselves:

  • A popular model mentions in interviews that she managed to lose weight fast by just replacing meals with cigarettes and coffee.
  • A famous actress tells about the miraculous properties of tablets, which make people lose weight literally in a snap of fingers.


As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! In an effort to lose weight fast, women resort to the most drastic measures. The miraculous method of “two tablets” is something really crazy. These tablets can help you lose weight fast, but will you agree to become one of characters of “Alien” the movie? The method involves women taking

two tablets

The first tablet that contains eggs of a parasite, which begins developing inside the human body.
The second pill contains poison, which must be taken when the parasite helps you achieve the desired weight loss result.


Some people rushing to reach the alleged enlightenment, identify themselves as followers of new-fashioned prana-diet.

The followers of prana doctrine are trying to achieve maximum harmony with nature and completely abandon any food – in other words, live on air.


Needless to say or remind on the medical data that people can survive a maximum of 40 days without food, then comes the dehydration and death. Perhaps, the followers of prana system will manage to lose weight, but they are very unlikely to have the possibility to boast off with their results in front of friends and family.


The idea of this dangerous diet consists of eating 5 cotton balls for a meal.

The program “Good morning America” Bria Murphy, model and daughter of Eddie Murphy, uncovered to the world the dark side of the modeling business – she admitted that she eats cotton balls.


Adolescent girls gleefully seized for this so-called diet, trying to get the body of their dreams. Many of them are 9 to 16 years old, which proves once again, how early eating disorders begin to manifest in our society.

In a nutshell, the idea of this dangerous diet consists of eating 5 cotton balls during a meal. They are dipped in juice, lemonade or smoothie. It doesn’t matter what liquid you choose, since it is rather a lubricant to let cotton balls easier pass into the stomach.

Some dieters use these ”snacks” to reduce the amount of food consumed, but some go to extremes and replace all meals with cotton wool. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that eating something that is not intended for food, can not be healthy.


Newfangled weight loss method, which makes eating uncomfortable – tongue patch by Dr. Chugay that is surgically sewn into the tongue. This patch minimizes any pleasure from food, causing pain and discomfort, when you eat. While wearing this patch, people are forced to switch to a liquid diet for weight loss that provides less pain. You have to wear this patch for a month, then it is removed.


This weight loss method is not only painful, but also dangerous for your health, because there is a risk of the patch festering and allergic reaction to its material, which can lead to irreversible changes in the tongue tissues, or sepsis.

This method for weight loss is a source of serious stress for the body, followed by a particularly great temptation to “reward” yourself, because when the patch is removed, it is easier to “break away” and gain new extra kilos.

You are the one to decide exactly how to get rid of extra kilos (and whether you really do want to lose weight). Just keep in mind that body trends pass just like trends for nail polish, but health is a trend that always existed, exists now and will exist in the future.

Have a nice day and enjoy your meal.