Choose A Weight Loss Diet Based On Yor…Temperament!


Psychologists distinguish four types of people:

  1. Choleric
  2. Sanguine
  3. Melancholic
  4. Phlegmatic

Clearly expressed traits of a certain temperament are very rare. Most people’s character combines several types, but one of them is usually dominant.

Nutritionists believe that you should be choosing your diet according to your temperament.


People of this type are:

  • impulsive,
  • unbalanced,
  • with frequent changes of mood,
  • with emotional outbursts.

Their impatience often makes them “prisoners” to fast foods and semi-finished food, because this allows them to not waste any time on cooking.

To achieve slenderness, maintain a perfect body, choleric should “rein in” his temperament and spend a couple of days a week to cook hot meals. Later, they only have to warm them. Street food in the form of hot dogs and chips should be replaced with fresh vegetables and fruits.


For snacks, you can also use dried fruits and nuts. Any diet without stringent limitations will work fine for a choleric. It is better if you do not need to meticulously count calories in this diet. Otherwise, the- impetuous choleric will simply not be able to bear such a severity.


These people are hot, lively, and calm. They have a fast response to events and easily reconcile with setbacks and shocks. As a rule, they are foodies, who love all new and unusual thigs.

The “culinary” problem of sanguine people is that they consume extra calories because of the constant desire to try a new exotic sauce or gravy.

Sanguine people, who wish to maintain a slim body, should pay a close and strict attention to the components, included in one or another exotic dish, and not to abuse too high-calorie ingredients of creative dishes.


The diet that suits them includes vegetable or cereal-based food, or dishes that require long cooking time.


Melancholic people are natural pessimists, prone to a variety of worries, no matter if there is a reason to worry or not. Impressive, too emotional and very vulnerable. 

Long and too strict diets can strengthen their melancholic pessimism. For this reason, fasting days will work better for people of this temperament type. If they do decide to get on a diet, it should be a short and too stringent weight loss diet.

The nutritionists recommend melancholic people to include in their diet:

  • honey,
  • fruit,
  • chocolate.

Sweets will cheer them up and will add vigor for a dynamic daily and sports activity.


These calm, balanced and imperturbable people do not like the hustle and bustle. Cooking for them is a waste of time and energy. If they have to choose between a healthy nutrition and a sandwich or ready fast food meal, they will always choose the latter.

Snacking twenty-times-a-day drives the phlegmatic people into the trap of excess weight. They have to pull themselves together and force themselves to:

  • consume useful and highly nutrient foods,
  • have one hot meal a day.

Diet that suits best people with this temperament type is the one based on cereals and soups.