” Sweets feed the brain, so they are useful ”. An obsolete and irrelevant phrase, although not all people know that in fact sugar has no nutritional value, and even harmful.

You can see a lot of TV advertising where someone in a confident voice assures you that this chocolate bar contains a lot of vitamins and you will immediately feel a rush of energy.

The most interesting thing is that there are people who, unfortunately, believe this. Sweet snacks are dangerous for health.

Firstly, sugar is very caloric; 100 grams contain 392 calories. As already mentioned, there are no vitamins, minerals, proteins or fats in sugar. Eating sweets, especially on an empty stomach, your pancreas instantly releases insulin into the bloodstream.

Since sugar is a simple carbohydrate with a high glycemic index, it is immediately absorbed and a feeling of hunger comes quickly, everyone knows that sweets cause dependence, the same as alcohol or drugs.

A sharp release, and then a rapid drop in insulin causes headache, irritability, fatigue and even aggression. Having sweet snacks every day, you overload your pancreas that may eventually lead to diabetes, as well as acting this way you deprive your body of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for it to function properly.

Insulin – is the main hormone secreted by the pancreas, which constantly goes up and down. The human cell has a certain amount of insulin receptors from 5,000 to 20,000, for comparison: a person engaged in bodybuilding has 20,000 insulin receptors, but an unsportsmanlike office worker – 5,000 receptors. Therefore, it is important to play sports!

Insulin formula

When consuming a large amount of sugar, cells are filled with glucose to the limit and block entrance of a new portion of sugar for self-defense purposes. Overcrowded cells cease to let in insulin. Thus, insulin receptors gradually lose their function, but free insulin remains unoccupied in the blood. Thus, resistance to insulin occurs.

In addition, free insulin provokes constant inflammation in the body, thus causing various diseases. Sugar lowers immunity, causes caries, deficiency of vitamin B1, blocks magnesium metabolism and provokes oxidation of the body. Moreover, sugar feeds fungi and cancer cells that require from the body more and more sweets.

To avoid all these dangerous troubles, you should exclude white sugar from your diet, as well as white flour, white bread, white rice and use integral products.

Eat fruits instead of sweet, occasionally allowing yourself a slice of dark chocolate. Some sweet fruits have a high glycemic index, so do not eat them on an empty stomach.

Carbohydrates are found in many food products: vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, etc., so do not be afraid to leave your brain without food.

Remember, sugar is a dead food. It is very difficult to refuse from it. The main thing is to hold out without sugar for at least a week, after which your body will be cleansed and you will no longer have so strong craving for sweet!

chocolate bars

So, no chocolate bars and tea with sugar. You will soon be surprised about the fact how you earlier could drink tea with sugar.

Abandoning sweet, you will improve your skin condition; in addition, sugar causes premature wrinkles. Moreover, you will be able to get rid of excess weight, of course, following other rules of healthy lifestyle as well. In general, eat sugar or not – the choice is yours!