Can you lose weight by passing 10 thousand steps a day

10 thousand steps

The American scientist spoke against the common fitness myth. And we found out what athletes think about this.

More than half a century ago, Japanese researchers gave the world the fruits of their labors. Scientists from the Land of the Rising Sun have brought many arguments in favor of the fact that to have a healthy body and spirit you need to walk 10 thousand steps a day to burn 3 thousand calories. This figure has become a rule all over the world, which in the course of 50 years was followed by tens of millions of people.

Yet the science does not stand still. Especially the American science. The American researchers produce new discoveries every day, one of which touched the notorious 10 thousand steps. As a result, the specialists got confused in their search for an answer to the question about the Japanese theory. Therefore, we decided to find out the views of both sides.


According to a professor of Johns Hopkins University, the conclusions of the Japanese colleagues of 50 years ago are erroneous. Greg Hager said this at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Not only do 10 thousand bring no benefit, they can do harm, reports The Telegraph.

This rule was applied to the population of Japan, which mostly does not suffer from excess weight and possesses many qualities, inherent only to the Japanese people. Hager stressed that not a single correct study was held that could prove the usefulness of this number of steps, rather than harm to health.



And here are the thoughts on this topic of a specialist, who works as a coach in Scandinavian walking:

Even more harm is caused by the reluctance to give yourself any loads. I never took the figure of 10 thousand steps a day literally, because it is the same thing as the statement about the need to drink 2 liters of water a day. It is impossible to develop a single formula for each and every person, because all people have absolutely different anthropometric data, which influences the duration and technique of trainings.

Each and every body has a different response to the load, so you must first understand your capabilities and feel that it is not to the detriment. Scandinavian walking in comparison with the usual walking is much more effective in this sense, because it makes work both the hands and the back muscles in addition to the legs.

  • For some people 10 thousand steps are too much, while for others it is very little.
  • Some people walk in a wrong way, moving the weight to the feet, walking clumsy, which can be completely disastrous.
  • For some people it will be, on the contrary, extremely useful, because this is the only load that they can afford.

The average effective training is 5-6 kilometers. I believe it’s enough to walk 2 kilometers a day to run the necessary processes in the body. Everyone has different steps. On average, 1 meter is equal to two steps. Everything is individual, but I consider 4-6 thousand steps a day to be the optimal load.