The benefits of cardio, sports supplements and other myths about fitness

sports supplements

Healthy lifestyle and fitness are now very firmly established in fashion. Well, it’s great! Everyone is exercising everywhere. By the evening, there are more runners in the streets than ordinary passers-by, sports clubs are full, and each second selfie in the social networks is of a gym bunny “at work”.

It would seem that such an abundance of information can bring only benefits. Just choose what you like and get on with trainings. However, there is a minus: the diversity of opinions confuses newcomers and they find it unclear who to listen to, what to believe… Much is checked by trial and error, and this means time and often money. Let’s take a closer look at the main questions that women meet at the beginning of the journey.

I will look like a man

“Girls should workout with dumbbells of a maximum of 3 kg. Everything heavier will turn them into a huge man-like monster with protruding veins. I’d rather swing these!” Witnessing lots and lots of women who reach a training level, where they can do squats with weights that exceed their own weight, we declare: the weights will not turn you into a man!

Trainings with weights can:

  1. Make your buttocks beautiful
  2. Decrease your body volumes
  3. Form a good silhouette
  4. Straighten out your posture
  5. Improve your arms appearance

workout with dumbbells

Trainings with weights can not make a man out of you – that’s a firm no! Verified! Of course, it is not necessary to reach critical values. It is more a matter of taste and excitement, but if you want to achieve fundamental results in the construction of a dream figure, adding weights to your trainings is a must.

Many hours of cardio will provide me with the body of my dreams.

“All the same, I will not lift weights – it’s not feminine. I’ll walk for hours on the treadmill, and my legs will become slender, and my bottom will turn into a nut!” It is quite possible that you will manage to lose weight, yet the result will surprise you. Unless you expect to see simply a thin flabby body.

And you want it to be beautiful, don’t you? I personally really enjoy long walks, preferably in a forest or park. They are pleasant, they develop respiratory and cardiovascular systems, yet they are not suitable for a serious weight loss and body remodeling.


I need to cut

Now everyone is cutting. Oh, so you also need to cut? A colleague, who has never visited a gym, asked me how to start cutting. Cutting is the reduction in the percentage of subcutaneous fat and the removal of water from the body, so that the muscles are clearly defined.

Accordingly, you need to have muscles. Otherwise, what will you show? This process, which is very stressful for the body, is mainly useful for the bodybuilders. On the wave of fashion, many people consider cutting to be a new weight loss diet, which is wrong.

Therefore, most likely, you do not need to cut, and just to revise your nutrition. Refuse from fast food and other food debris, and train on a regular basis – and you will be happy!

fast food

I will have to calculate calories all the time

“You say “revise your nutrition”, so what, I, like a wacko, will be calculating the daily consumption of calories-proteins-fats-carbs ratio, eat by the hour and walk around with food containers?”

Fanaticism is harmful in any of its manifestations. It is not necessary at all to break down into molecules each piece of food. However, it doesn’t mean that you can indulge on a piece of chocolate cake right after a double portion of mac and cheese.

Find the golden mean, in which you will be full and your body does not gain weight at the same time. Besides, it’s not bad at all to take homemade lunch with you, especially if the alternative is a business lunch in the nearest hamburger restaurants.

calculate calories

Sports supplements are dangerous

“I will have to drink horrible mixtures, and it is unknown how all this ends”. I am not a devoted fan to the sports supplements and I do not use it. However, if you choose high-quality manufacturers, who have been present in the market for a long time, there will be no harm from such products.

The decision on whether you need the sports supplements (and which ones) or not belongs solely to you.

The purpose of the supplements differs substantially:

  • pre-training complexes to increase energy,
  • protein and BCAA for muscle mass gain,
  • gainers for rapid recovery.

Sports supplements

Sports supplements are designed to support the body, help to cope with physical exertion and accelerate sports achievements. At that, while professional athletes are limited to a strict diet and regime and do need additional support, the average trainee will find adequate nutrition and healthy sleep to be sufficient in this regard.

Do not confuse sports supplements with pharmacological drugs

That’s where the danger really lies! The last couple of years I hear from my friends from time to time that trainers offer their clients to “have some serious stuff”: “nothing terrible, everything is under control”.

However, you should never forget that intervention in the hormonal system can result into extremely serious consequences in the future. Think about whether the 6-pack abs are so important that you are willing to undermine your health to get them? You should also remember that the retail turnover of literally all anabolic and steroid drugs is prohibited by law and involves criminal liability.


All iron pumpers are crazy!

During the trainings, many hormonal processes occur in our bodies. Trying to reduce stress from a tense physical activity, our brain begins to produce an increased amount of endorphin. It is a hormone that causes euphoria and good mood. That’s why we are in a good mood after the workouts, despite the fatigue.

Who wouldn’t like this! In combination with the fact that our body gets used to getting regular exercise, such hormonal surge gradually accustoms us to visit the gym on a regular basis to repeat the effect. Not the worst habit we can have! Remember though: fanaticism is evil!

iron pumpers

Enjoy your workouts and their effects!