Angel’s Diet is a true blessing on the way to a divine body!

This meal plan, designed for less than two weeks, at a certain diligence allows getting close to the astral ideals of slimness. However, the food that helps you achieve the goal is quite earthly:

Meat steaks
Ripe tomatoes
Black coffee
Some fruit

*However, the amount of food and the timetable for its reception make the angelic patience a mandatory component of the diet.

Angel’s Diet got its name in honor of “Victoria’s Secret Angels”. Models of the legendary Victoria`s Secret show are called angels for their playful wings they wear on the run. The “angelic troops” were complemented by the most slender supermodels of the world:

Miranda Kerr
Candice Swanepoel
Alessandra Ambrosio…

Yet, only few of them had the honor to demonstrate jewelry bra, the appearance of which annually becomes a sensational show apotheosis. However, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question, what is admired mostly during the show – bras worth several million dollars, or the slender bodies of the models that demonstrate them!


Duration time: Thirteen days (one full 7-day cycle + repeating the menu from Day 1 to 6)

Peculiarities: weight reduction is promoted by the strict control of servings volume and protein-rich eating system;

Cost: Medium (provided you cook your meat at home);

“Result: minus 5 to 8 kilos over the entire dieting period”

Recommended frequency: no more than once a year;

Additional effect: excessive protein amounts consumed with a concomitant low-carbs regime allows burning fat fast without losing muscle mass and elasticity;

Not recommended for: pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders and excretory organs diseases, allergy or intolerance to any of the products. Before you start dieting in compliance with this weight loss meal plan, you must consult with your doctor!


The development of the Angel’s diet is attributed to the supermodels’ consultants, involved in the legendary Victoria’s Secret show. Since 1998, this cohort of cherubs, showing fabulous underwear and swimwear, is built of the best bodies in the world.

The first “Victoria’s angels” were:

Helena Christensen
Tyra Banks
Rebecca Romijn
Stephanie Seymour
Karen Mulder
Daniela Pestova

Over the years, the list has undergone many changes, but its essence remains the same: All angels embody the idea of a slim toned body!


Unfortunately, there is no reliable information that would confirm any connection of the menu, known as the Angel’s diet, with the supermodels that take part in the world’s famous show. However, it is clear what result aimed the developers of this eating plan.

Cherie SoriaUnder the name “Angel’s diet”, we also known the menu, which is based on recipes and the philosophy of Chef Cherie Soria. She is called the “mother of gourmet raw food dieting”. At the beginning of 2000, Cherie has published a collection of recipes “Angel food: healthy recipes for heavenly bodies”, which has become the culinary bible of vegans and adherents of different healthy eating systems.

Chef with forty years of experience in the field of predominantly raw foods introduced a lot of easily digested and unusual dishes, from delicious low-caloric desserts to home-made cheese with step by step cooking instructions.

13-days Angel’s Diet is popular all over the world. By the foods allowed and their compilation, this weight loss diet is comparable to such well-known diets, like the Japanese diet and the chemical diet. The Angel’s diet, though, despite the limited amount of meals and servings size, does not go along the path of a radical rejection of any of the macronutrients. Yet, you still can’t say the protein-carbs-fats ratio is a balanced one.

The Angel’s diet mainly focuses on proteins that help maintain the muscle mass and provide satiety, while as the remaining nutrients accompany them in the background. Limited in duration, this eating system, as well as other protein-rich diets, gives a fairly rapid weight loss results, which can be felt physically and are visible on the scales.

However, abusing the Angel’s diet is not recommended if you want to avoid health problems. Its use is limited to no more than once a year.

13-days Angel’s Diet: meal plan

The menu for the popular weight loss Angel’s diet is developed for a week. Every day includes 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and a light snack, which you should have preferably in the first part of the day, i.e. before lunch. As you finish the 1st week, you should proceed with the diet and repeat days 1 to 6, thus finishing the full 13-days “course”.

You are allowed to consume only the described foods and only in the amounts given, without any deviations from the menu. Try to completely give up sugar and minimize the amount of salt used.

Cooking techniques that are recommended to use during the Angel’s weight loss diet include:

Grilling with a minim amount of oil: steaks, fish and poultry
Steaming: fish and poultry
Baking: fish and poultry.
Dressing with a small amount of high-quality olive oil: vegetables.

Remember to drink at least 2 liters of plain non-carbonated water per day. Room temperature water will help you cope with bouts of famine, which will probably torture the dieter at the first stage of his transformation into an angel of slenderness.

Just like any other strict diet, the Angel’s diet requires a gradual withdrawal, avoiding any sharp increases in the volume and caloric value of servings. This will help you maintain your weigth after the weight loss more effectively.

Angel’s Diet: Day 1

Breakfast: A cup of black sugar-free coffee

Snack: One whole apple

Lunch: two eggs, one large raw tomato, lettuce, optional – 2 medium potatoes boiled or baked with skins

Dinner: One large grilled beef steak, green salad

Angel’s Diet: Day 2

Breakfast: A cup of black sugar-free coffee, one whole-wheat toast

Snack: One whole apple

Lunch: One large grilled beef steak, green salad, one raw tomato, 200 ml of sugar-free green tea

Dinner: A serving of any soup

Angel’s Diet: Day 3

Breakfast: A cup of black sugar-free coffee, one whole-wheat toast

Snack: Half a cup plain yogurt

Lunch: One large steak, green salad, 200 ml of freshly squeezed fruit juice

Dinner: two eggs, two slices of fat-free ham

Angel’s Diet: Day 4

Breakfast: A cup of black sugar-free coffee, one whole-wheat toast

Snack: A handful of nuts

Lunch: One large steak, steamed lettuce or cabbage. 200 ml of sugar-free green tea

Dinner: two eggs, two slices of fat-free ham

Angel’s Diet: Day 5

Breakfast: Grated raw carrots with lemon juice

Snack: One whole banana

Lunch: One serving of grilled fish, one large raw tomato, 200 ml of black sugar-free coffee

Dinner: One steak, green salad, 200 ml of freshly squeezed fruit juice

Angel’s Diet: Day 6

Breakfast: A cup of black sugar-free coffee, one whole-wheat toast

Snack: half a cup of plain yogurt, one banana

Lunch: Chicken breast, green salad, 200 ml of black sugar-free coffee

Dinner: One steak, green salad

Angel’s Diet: Day 7

Breakfast: 200 ml of sugar-free tea

Snack: one banana

Lunch: One steak, green salad

Dinner: Green salad, a few slices of cheese.

True diet of a “Victoria's Secret” Angel

It is known that one of the most famous “angels”, Adriana Lima, resorted to a strict diet after giving birth to her second daughter Sienna in 2012. Brazilian supermodel needed to get rid of twenty extra pounds, which she, like many other women, “ate up” during her happy pregnancy months.

The true Angel’s diet for her was developed by the New York physician, Charles Pessler, and it was a certainly effective, yet an extremely individual meal plan, which differs from the universal 13-days Angel’s diet. It included:

Adriana Lima

lots of vegetables (artichokes, broccoli, cabbage),
protein shakes as a source of protein,
nuts and low-calorie candy bars as snacks.

Losing weight down to her usual seductive condition, Adriana Lima, according to some data, now follows a low-carb diet and chooses for her daily nutrition foods with a low glycemic index.

“I control the servings size and try to get to the gym as soon as I have a free moment. Yet, it is quite troublesome when you have a job and two kids”

Elsa HoskYoung Swedish Adriana’s colleague in the angelic field, Elsa Hosk, invented her own Angel’s diet:

• In the morning the day before the show, she eats… eight eggs.
• In other days, the model always begins her morning with a large quantity of water with ginger, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

Miranda KerrThe world-famous beauty Miranda Kerr, as an Angel’s diet, chosen the diet by blood type, to which she complies with for years. It is a principle of drawing up the menu, the effect of which, according to scientists, is debatable, nonetheless helped the Australian get back into operation almost immediately after the birth of her son, helping her quickly get rid of “post-pregnancy” difficulties.

Miranda follows the blood group diet by the rule “80/20”, according to which:

• 80% of the diet consists of dietary healthy products,
• and 20% – of the foods that thrill the eye, the stomach and the mood.

Behind the scenes of the runway, “Victoria’s Angels” are often caught by photographers with green smoothies in their hands. Low in calories, rich in antioxidants and liquid vitamin shakes help the girls rejuvenate in short intervals.

They say that 12 hours before a show, “angels” are recommended to stop using any liquid, so that their bodies look more fit in swimsuits and luxurious underwear. The Angel’s Diet for weight loss can be a real test of strength, but women are ready to endure everything for the sake of beauty.