Adipex with Antidiabetic Supplements

Can I use Adipex with antidiabetic supplements?

Approximately 40% of medical cases of diabetes are caused by obesity. For a quick weight loss, obese patients are prescribed potent appetite suppressants, such as Adipex.

If rapid weight loss does not reduce the risk of diabetes, doctor can prescribe some supplements that help to control the blood sugar and improve insulin resistance.

Adipex can be combined with those antidiabetic dietary supplements that contain natural ingredients. Most of natural dietary supplements do not violate the efficacy of Adipex tablets. Therefore, diabetes prophylaxis can be carried out along with obesity treatment.

It must be noted that dietary supplements with antidiabetic effect can be used in pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. If obese patient is taking any kind of antidiabetic medications, he should consult a doctor before he begins using the dietary supplement, which affects the insulin resistance and the blood sugar levels.

Adipex with Antidiabetic Supplements

In addition, Adipex can be combined with dietary supplements, which not only provide antidiabetic effect but also increase the metabolic rate. Due to normalization of metabolism, it is possible to increase the weight loss rate, improving the effectiveness of anti-obesity therapy and reducing the duration use of Adipex tablets.

Taking the dietary supplements and Adipex, diabetic patients should control their blood sugar level.

Due to the fact that Adipex tablets provide weight loss, it can also improve insulin sensitivity, so it may require to reduce the dose of insulin.
If dietary supplement causes pronounced hypoglycemic effect, patient may require to reduce the daily dose of RX antidiabetic drugs after the onset of its application.