Adipex Side Effects

Adipex tablets do not only suppress appetite but also can cause unwanted adverse reactions. If side effects of Adipex are weakly pronounced, they do not require a discontinuation of obesity drug therapy.

If severe side effects occur after the use of Adipex tablets, the patient can be recommended to stop taking Adipex or to reduce the dose of this anti-obesity drug.

Cardiovascular side effects of Adipex are considered the most dangerous. In regular use of Adipex within a few weeks, the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases may appear (chest pain, dyspnea, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty breathing at rest.

If these symptoms are progressing, the patient should immediately stop the drug therapy of obesity and tell the doctor about all Adipex side effects. Cardiovascular side effects of Adipex are long-term and they may occur even after the end of short-term therapy of obesity.

One more dangerous side effect of Adipex is drug dependence. This side effect occurs after the end of the obesity drug therapy. The first signs of drug dependence are the following: anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, insomnia, aggression, deterioration of health.

Adipex Side Effects

The danger of drug dependence is that severe depression may develop in a patient taking Adipex (Phentermine). In order to prevent a sharp deterioration in mental health of the patient, it is necessary to inform a healthcare professional about the first signs of drug dependence.

After the Adipex use, some patients may experience euphoria, headache, and dizziness.

If these side effects are mild, the course of drug therapy can be continued. If these Adipex side effects are expressed moderately or severely, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor the possibility of replacing Adipex by other appetite suppressants.

It should be noted that Adipex pills could negatively affect sexual function (decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction). Therefore, obese men and women should be ready to that the quality of their sexual life may worsen after the start of Adipex intake.

Even if the minimal doses of Adipex cause nettle rash (urticarial), stop using these diet pills.

  1. Nettle rash is the main symptom of an allergic reaction to the active substance or inactive ingredients of Adipex pills.
  2. Allergy to Phentermine and inactive ingredients of Adipex is a contraindication to the use of this weight loss drug.

Side effects of Adipex are the same as of Adipex generic drugs (pills containing Phentermine).

  • Therefore, those who stopped using Adipex because of severe side effects should use weight loss drugs that do not contain the active substance Phentermine.