Adipex-P result

Adipex-P suppresses appetite and is used to treat overweight or obesity in adult patients. Studies of Adipex-P use have showed good results in fighting obesity. Herewith, efficiency is observed in an integrated approach, which includes:

  • diet;
  • physical exercises;
  • change in eating habits.

After the beginning of treatment by means of Adipex-P, weight loss result appears gradually. During therapy, the patient can observe the following positive effects:

  • decreased appetite;
  • increased vitality;
  • desire to increase physical activity.

If the patient takes Adipex-P together with medications with a similar effect, the expected result may not be achieved. In addition, alcohol simultaneously with this drug is not recommended.

To receive positive results of obesity treatment, it is necessary to follow the recommended dosing schedule.

Since Adipex-P abuse may cause:

  • drug addiction;
  • overdose with severe side effects.

In the case of a sharp discontinuation of using Adipex-P, deterioration in physical and mental state may occur. This can manifest in depression, mental fatigue, deterioration in sleep quality, etc.

Effectiveness of Adipex-P also depends on the patient. The effect of obesity treatment will persist if the patient continues to adhere to the diet, to perform systematic physical exercises, as well as to take other measures aimed at reducing weight.

The use of Adipex-P involves a short-term treatment, but the therapy effect should last for a long time. The patient should maintain and improve the obtained results after Adipex-P discontinuation.