Adipex Every Second Day

Contrary to popular belief, Adipex slimming tablets are not necessarily to be used every day. Because there are dozens of different kinds of weight loss programs, some of which offer you intermittent fasting.

Many nutritionists recommend obese patients to limit the calorie intake to every second day, instead of daily intake.

In different information sources, this type of intermittent fasting is called:

  • “every other day fasting”
  • “alternate day fasting”
  • “every other day feeding”
Adipex Every Second Day

When an obese person does not need to keep a hypocaloric diet, he doesn’t need to take Adipex tablets every day as well.

The efficiency of intermittent fasting has been proven in studies. However, Community Medical Professionals is quite skeptical about the results of these studies. Because if person ceases to control the amount of consumed food from time to time, it is getting more difficult to form an adequate eating behavior.

Some nutritionists say that if calorie value of daily menu is just 25% of total amount the body needs, it will need 75% more calories the next day. Simply put, if person did not eat one day, the next day he might have to increase his daily calorie intake.

Thus, if the body needs 200% of calories for two days, in intermittent fasting, vital functions will be maintained with even smaller calorie consumption.

Taking a potent appetite suppressant Adipex every day, people can practice alternate day fasting. The same thing happens with those, who cannot limit their calorie consumption, therefore cannot stick to “every other day diet” without the help of anorexigenic diet pills (including Adipex).

Before starting to use Adipex tablets, patient should make up a diet plan that can be changed throughout the anti-obesity therapy. The meal plan should contain foods that are full of vitamins and microelements to save normal metabolism.