Adipex Dosage

Weight loss drug Adipex should be taken in the morning. If Adipex is used in the afternoon, a patient can experience insomnia and night sleep quality may worsen.

If weight loss capsules Adipex-P or Adipex Retard were prescribed to fight obesity, they should not be opened and crashed before the intake.

If oral tablets Adipex-P were prescribed for weight loss, they can be divided into 2 equal parts before the use.

Dosage Adipex-P (Phentermine Hydrochloride)

  • The minimal daily dose of Adipex-P is 18.75mg (a half of the tablet).
  • The maximum daily dose of Adipex-P is 37.5mg (a tablet or a capsule).
  • It can be recommended to divide the maximum dose of Adipex-P 37.5mg into 2 intakes (18.75mg in the morning and 18.75mg in the afternoon).
Adipex Dosage

Dosage Adipex Retard (Phentermine Resinate)

The minimal daily dose of Adipex Retard is 75mg (one capsule)
The maximum daily dose of Adipex Retard is 150mg (two capsules)
The maximum dosage of Adipex Retard can be taken as a single dose or can be divided into 2 intakes (in the morning and in the afternoon).

If you miss an Adipex dose, do not take two doses of this anorexigenic drug to make up the missed dose. Non-observance of Adipex dosing regimen may cause overdose.

The first symptoms and signs of overdose are the following: anxiety, fast breathing, vomiting, convulsions, and rapid heartbeat.

Moreover, side effects can significantly increase in overdose. Inform your treating doctor about any signs of overdose.

The duration of using weight loss capsules and tablets Adipex varies from 2 weeks up to 3 months.

When using the maximum doses of Adipex within 3 months, the risk of drug dependence increases. Due to the risk of drug dependence, Adipex should not be prescribed to people with drug abuse or with the history of drug abuse.

The maximum effect is achieved only in the case if a patient adheres to a hypocaloric diet and leads an active lifestyle during the whole period of Adipex use.

Healthy diet and physical loads will help to maintain a normal weight even after the end of Adipex use.