Adipex and Multivitamins

Liposoluble vitamins A, D, E and K get into the human body along with edible fats. Therefore, fat is not just a high-calorie product, which satisfies hunger, but also a source of vitamins, many of which get into the body with food only.

When person, who takes Adipex or other weight loss drug, does not keep a balanced diet, his body suffers from vitamins and other nutrients deficiency. Nutrients imbalance affects the metabolism.

Thus, one should not just limit the calorie intake throughout the whole period of Adipex use, but consume a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and other nutrients.

When making up a diet plan, it is quite hard to calculate the exact number of vitamins consumed with food. Therefore, nutritionists prescribe obese patients some multivitamins along with Adipex pills. These multivitamins can normalize the metabolism and improve the overall health.

Balanced multivitamin complex helps to keep:

  • Energy metabolism
  • Functions of the central nervous system
  • Immunological and hematological status
  • Normal process of regeneration and healing of tissues.
Adipex and Multivitamins

It is not recommended to take any multivitamin complex on an empty stomach. Unlike Adipex pills that can be used before food intake, multivitamins are better to be taken after meals.

It is worth noting that high doses of vitamin E can cause indigestion, fatigue and headache. Adipex pills can cause the same side effects.

Therefore, Adipex and high doses of vitamin E increase the risk of these side effects.

  • If patient has severe adverse reactions after the application of Adipex and multivitamins, he should stop taking multivitamins.

In case severe side effects appear even after discontinuation of multivitamins, person should tell the physician about it.

The physician can recommend reducing the daily dose of Adipex weight loss drug or prescribing another drug for obesity treatment.