Adipex and Alcohol

Addipex pills contain an active substance Phentermine, which is well dissolved in alcohol. Due to the interaction of Phentermine with alcohol, severe side effects may occur.

  • Phentermine may enhance the alcohol influence on the CNS and may cause vomiting, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, apathy, hypotension, fainting, and slow breathing.


  • Alcohol can accelerate the absorption of active ingredient Phentermine in the blood and may cause a sharp increase in blood pressure, excessive excitement, mood swings, euphoria.
Adipex and Alcohol

The maximum concentration of alcohol in the blood is achieved approximately an hour after the use of alcohol beverage. Therefore, the most severe side effects occur an hour after the use of Adipex and alcohol.

If besides alcohol and Adipex, a person uses beverages or medications containing caffeine, side effects may worsen. Just as Adipex with alcohol, caffeine affects the cardiac function. Thus, after the use of alcohol, Adipex and caffeine, very severe cardiovascular side effects may occur.

Side effects can also worsen if besides Adipex and alcohol, a person takes analgesic, antidepressant or other drugs. After the use of Adipex, alcohol and other drugs, severe intoxication may occur.

To facilitate side effects of Adipex pills and alcohol, it is necessary to wash out the stomach and to take absorbent carbon.

  • If side effects are severely pronounced, small doses of absorbent carbon (1-2 tablets) should be taken every 2 hours.