5 types of dance that help lose weight

types of dance

It is no secret that most of us start thinking about the fact that we have to bring our body into shape, when the summer already came. But it is not too late!

Instead of torturing yourself in the gym on the treadmill or in the company of a dumbbell and barbell, go dancing. They will not only help you get in shape, but will also raise your mood. Especially for you, we have picked up 5 types of dance that are most effective for weight loss.

1. Pole dance

Pole dance, or dance with a pole (a.k.a. pylon), will allow you not only to come out of shell and surprise your beloved in the bedroom, but will also help you bring your body in a perfect shape.

Exercises include all types of load:

Pole dance
  • strength,
  • aerobic,
  • stretching,
  • elements of acrobatics.

Therefore, such workouts never start with the pylon. Before you get to it, you will have to work some time on the mat with basic exercises, which aim the development of all muscle groups. Pole dance fans say that during a dance they feel such muscles working, which they never knew to exist in their bodies.  But they will certainly start aching after a debut class.

As a rule, women who come to the first pole dance lesson without a good training level, get the desire to engage in sports and tone their muscles. There is no other way they will manage performing all these complex, but so sexy tricks with the pole?

2. Reggaeton

Incendiary reggaeton is a dance, which requires a high fitness level. It appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico, but soon became widespread, first in Latin America, and then worldwide.

In contrast to the smooth salsa or bachata, reggaeton is based on hard and fast rhythm, so you can literally twist your t-shirt from sweat after a workout!


The main load during the dance falls on your legs, thighs, and buttocks. If you dream of a round and well-shaped bum – choose reggaeton. By the way, this dance is also burns fat quite well, due to the fact that all the muscles in your body work during active “shaking”. Thus, your body gets a high-quality cardio load.

3. Belly dance

Belly dance is most commonly associated with rather plump oriental beauties, who have something to “shake”. Throw these prejudices away and fearlessly go to the class, if you dream of a well-defined press.

Your stomach is constantly tense during the dance. Oblique abdominal muscles are especially active. And these are not so easy to tone even in the gym.

Belly dance

Furthermore, belly dancing helps work out muscles of the thighs, without making dull classic squats. So go and buy one of these magnificent oriental garments with tinkling necklaces and get on with belly dancing for weight loss!

4. Irish dance

Irish dance is deservedly considered one of the best dances for weight loss.

It will replace jumping rope, jogging, and step aerobics…

In short, Irish dance is an interesting option of cardio loads for those who can’t make themselves go out for a morning jog.

Irish dance

However, the upper part of the body is practically not involved. But if you dream of slim and fit feet,  this one is exactly the type of dance for weight loss that you will truly love!

5. Flamenco

Passionate Spanish flamenco will activate all the muscles of your body, providing an even load for each of them.

Dance sets a very fast pace and involves various movements, so you will never get bored during classes.


Flamenco will affect your body in all different, but each useful, ways:

  • First of all, you will tone the muscles of your arms and shoulder girdle.
  • Secondly, flamenco requires an ideal posture, which means that dance is very good for the spine.
  • Finally, flamenco is a very plastic dance. Smoothness of movements is something every woman will benefit from.