5 most commons mistakes of slimmers

mistakes of slimmers

A common situation: the girl is accustomed to eating all she sees and without any system, and then suddenly remembers that an important event comes soon and starts to urgently take measures on her own. 

After reading recommendations on the Internet and having listened to the advice of girlfriends, she chooses a low-calorie diet or starts fasting at all. The constant feeling of malnutrition affects her mood. The girl begins to feel unhappy and deprived.

Such spontaneous and drastic changes in the diet inevitably result in a cave in. Over the days of dieting, weight and volumes will certainly decrease, but after a caving, all the weight she managed to lose not simply comes back in place, but can return in double volume.

We call people to keep their weight within the reasonable limits of fluctuation and watch what he eats and how much he moves throughout the year, and not just before important events.


Too often, we hear a popular opinion that if a person is losing weight, he should exclude bread, potatoes and pasta from his weight loss diet. These products seem to be the most important sources of problems with overweight.

Having excluded them from his nutrition, people continue eating hot dogs, salads dressed with mayonnaise and drink sweet fizzy drinks. In fact, it is much more important to keep track of what you get with food in a day.


High-quality pasta from durum wheat is allowed in the diet of a slimming person, as well as bread. The main thing is that you don’t consume white bread, and choose bread with bran instead.

You can consume such products in the morning, and not for dinner. You should not completely exclude potatoes from your menu, as well. It won’t harm you anyhow, if you consume it a couple of times a week and not in its fried form.


Many people think that visiting a dietician is a waste of time and money. He will not say anything new. All he can advise is not to eat after six in the evening and drink a lot of fluids. We categorically object to this opinion, because the correction of errors can then take several times longer, than you could spend on achieving the desired result.

We must understand that there is no weight loss diet that fits us all, as well as there are no single recommendations. The worst thing is that the popularization of healthy nutrition and dietary science leads to a quantitative increase in people, who call themselves nutrition trainers.

This is dangerous! Many people suffer and need treatment after they followed the recommendations of such “connoisseurs”. A nutritionist is a doctor, like a surgeon, an ophthalmologist or a therapist, who has at least seven years of medical school. 


Before he prescribes a treatment, a qualified physician always conducts complex examination and takes into account all individual indicators. Dietary science is no exception.


One fasting day is one thing, yet it’s a totally different thing, if you consume one and the same product longer than one day. Even if it is a useful product – buckwheat, for example – it does not provide your body with all the necessary nutrients.

Buckwheat is carbohydrates. It does not contain animal protein, which is necessary for our body. When a person eats like this, he gets in excess only one nutrient. This is unnatural for our body, so this method of getting rid of excess weight is initially doomed to failure.


No one will eat only buckwheat or yogurt until the end of life. Sooner or later, a caving in takes place. How long you can live on one and the same food depends on your strength of will and motivation. Someone will last a week, and someone – a whole month.

During this time, your body will switch into the survival mode and significantly slow you’re your metabolic rate. When you get back to your habitual diet, your current slow metabolic rate will no longer cope with increased portions of food.

Therefore, the kilograms you managed to lose will not simply return, but will also bring a few additional ones with them. It is not even recommended to have several fasting days in a row. You should alternate them at least every other day.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to keep to a weight loss diet to lose weight or maintain weight after weight loss. It is necessary once to understand with a specialist how to correctly combine products, what you can or can not eat, and, most importantly, at what time of day – and comply with these recommendations.

To determine the list of such products, a number of analyzes and studies can be used:

  1. protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism,
  2. hormone profile test,
  3. blood test for food intolerance,
  4. blood test for the availability of vitamins and microelements in your body.

A very important analysis is the evaluation of the body composition, which shows the amount of fat and muscle mass and water. The results of such analyzes will allow a specialist to develop the only correct nutrition system for you, which will change your eating habits once and for all and will allow you to keep your weight at a normal level without any problems.